In this Bundle you will receive 60 Pro Nine Baseballs with Bucket and a Tanner Heavy Tee. With this purchase you will also get a 30 Minute Tunnel rental at BNB! This package bundles to a savings of $60 + FREE SHIPPING!


Tanner Tees

Easy adjustments, metal assemblies, and hand-rolled

FlexTops ensure the quality of every Tanner Tee.

Model-specific features offer choices to suit your training



Heavy Tee

Heavy duty batting tee with ten pound “claw” base that provides extra stability on any hitting surface. Perfect for baseball, softball and slow pitch. 


Pro Nine Baseballs


  • SEAM: Precision Raised Seam
  • CENTER: PU & Rubber
  • WINDINGS: Premium Wool Blend
  • Meets all COR & Compression Requirements

Tanner Heavy Tee + Baseball Bucket + BNB Rental