Instructors & Coaches


All of our instructors have High School, College, and/or Professional playing and/or  Coaching experience. They are highly skilled at helping improve athletes' physical & mental game while instilling confidence and a love for the sport.



Dave Cecchi - Pitching, Hitting, Fielding Instructor

James Lagos -Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Catching - Director of Baseball Operations

Kenny MacDonald - Hitting, Pitching, Fielding Instructor

John Pham - Hitting, Catching, Fielding, Pitching Instructor

Ben Smith - Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, Strength & Conditioning Instructor


Ashley Bulseco-McKim - Hitting, Fielding, Throwing Instructor

Carissa Cicolini - Pitching, Hitting, Fielding Instructor - 18U Hornets Coach

Jenna Dicruttalo - Hitting, Fielding, Throwing Instructor 

Jamie Duffy - Pitching, Hitting, Fielding, Throwing Instructor

Katie Holbrook - Owner, General Manager, 18U Hornets Coach, Hitting Instructor

Kelsey Holbrook - Slapping, Fielding, Throwing Instructor

Danielle Hupe - Hitting, Fielding, Throwing Instructor 

Meghan Noyes - Hitting, Catching, Fielding Instructor

Vanessa Pascal - Hitting, Fielding, Throwing Instructor - 18U Hornets Coach

Heather Poliferno - Hitting, Fielding, Throwing Instructor, 14U Hornets Coach


We are always looking to add quality instructors to our staff.  If you are a former college player interested in joining our team email Katie at





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